We are happy people making happy people.



Our Vision

We strongly believe in the human potential to accomplish amazing things when it’s devoid of worry and sadness so Pierlex was created with one goal in mind – to create a business world full of happy, successful and fulfilled people. 

These kind of people make better leaders, employees, colleagues, parents, spouses, friends and ultimately make a better world.

Our Mission

“Nothing Happens Until a Sale is Made” – Thomas Watson snr.

At the core of this quote, lies the innate desire of every entrepreneurial spirit – to create a successful business & the measurement of a successful business is being able to truly add value to the lives of people. At Pierlex, our mission is to give people the opportunity to add value to as many lives possible and we do this by combining the trio power of people, design & technology to help them connect more with their audience and captivate the hearts & minds of their customers.

Brands We Partner With

Meet the #HumansOfPierlex

Erica Okafor

Creative Director

Uzo Okwor

Operations Lead

Kingsley Obinna

Web Developer

Jolly Austin

Graphic Designer

Pierlex in Four(4) Sentences

We nurture creative talent.

We make digital simple.

We amplify marketing efforts.

We make people happy.